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Who Am I?
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Your worst nightmare.

Lol jk but I am pretty odd. Or so I like to think. Name's Liz, I live in Texas. Blah blah blah blah. I also consider myself to be pretty fucking awesome, but we all know we love ourselves best so w/ever. I love alot of things, most of which can be found in my interests below, so I feel no need to repeat them here. The other important bits are in the lower parts of this profile. Does anyone even read this anymore? I mean this profile is left over from when I was 16 and I'm to lazy to make it better.
What Am I?

Why Am I Here?
Because I've been on LJ for years, and I've even managed to make a few friends, but this particular account was made for the lulz. and it just sorta stuck. Also, I love to frustrate people when they try to spell it. And I'm a pretty good stalker, so if you see that I'm in your comm but don't know who I am, I probably know who you are.


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